Cancer Control Convention Sept 1-2-3, 2012, Sheraton Universal Hotel

Healthy alternatives booth at 40th cancer convention, Universal Sheraton Hotel, Universal City, Sept 1-2-3, 2012 9am to 9pm. Visit our booth


Sharing Health Information 4 those wanting Healthy Lives

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We have  all been reading and hearing more and more about chemicals in our environment that are causing all kinds of health issues. There are many components to this epidemic of intrusiveness into our bodies.

You may think you can not do much about it.

But there are several every day steps to start in the right direction. Like getting rid of the controversial, questionable and known carcinogens in the products you use daily, like toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, mouthwash, cosmetics, lotions, creams, shaving gels, hair products.

As a cancer survivor myself, but who lost my Mom to cancer at age 56, in 1982, after she worked for Revlon putting toxic cosmetics on people for 18 years. I am passionate about sharing this toxic chemical information with the public. Those that want to listen and change their products are likely to be healthy and around a lot longer than those who are not yet educated  and in denial on the dangers of these chemicals on their bodies and systems.

October is breast cancer awareness month and my Mom passed away on October 15, 1982.  I ask you to please ‘think before you pink” and know where your pink dollars are going. American Cancer Society, Susan Komen, and many others are not into prevention and will not tell consumers about the dangers of chemicals in their beauty and personal care products, becaus they are supported by the very industry that is manufacturing these chemicals.

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Breast Cancer Action,, Environmental working group all on the side of consumers, helping protect from these chemicals.

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